Delete Apps

This section provides a detailed explanation of the process of deleting uploaded apps from the Appdome platform.


  • Remember to visit the platform to obtain your API key, team_id if you are working with a team. For details see Getting started section.

When permanently deleting an app from the app library, this action impacts Appdome’s ability to quickly resolve support cases related to the app.

This action cannot be undone.

Keep builds for 90 days to be accessed by Appdome's Support team if needed for ticket resolution.
The app will automatically be deleted after 90 days.

This process consists of a simple single API call:

  • GET request to list the apps.
  • DELETE request to delete specified apps.

The process

First decide if you want permanent deletion or to keep the app for 90 for support cases, this decides the is_future_delete variable, we will use 'true' in the example but available values are also 'false', 'yes' and 'no'.

Get the ids of the apps you want to delete, and specify under the ids variable, in a comma separated list.

Note that the scripts uses some variables such as IDS, is_future_delete, API_KEY, TEAM_ID. Ensure that you update these variables accordingly.

  1. Delete specified apps under personal workspace, or under the team workspace if team_id is specified.
curl -s --request DELETE \
      --url "$TEAM_ID,ids=$IDS,&is_future_delete=true" \
      --header "Authorization: $API_KEY" \