Uploading an App

This topic explains in detail the process of uploading an app to the Appdome platform.

For the Appdome Python library example refer to the snippet at the bottom.


This process consists several steps, which should be performed in the following order:

  • GET request to Appdome to obtain an upload link.
  • PUT request to the provided upload link.
  • POST request to Appdome platform when the upload is complete.

The calls should be made synchronously, and each call should wait for the response of the preceding one.

The process

The scripts use several variables such as API_KEY, APP_LOCATION, APP_FILE_NAME. Ensure that you update these variables accordingly.

  1. Obtain the upload link and assign the link to the publicLink variable.

     publicLink=$(curl -s --request GET \
        --url "https://fusion.appdome.com/api/v1/upload-link" \
        --header "Authorization: $API_KEY")
  2. Upload your app to the provided upload link.

    curl -s -X PUT "$(echo "$publicLink" | jq -r .url)" \
      --header 'Content-Type: application/x-compressed-tar' \
      -T "${APP_LOCATION}"
  3. Send the result of the upload to Appdome platform and capture the result to app variable.
    The result is the app ID on our platform, which will be required in the Build and app HTTP call.

        curl -s --request POST \
          --url "https://fusion.appdome.com/api/v1/upload-using-link" \
          --header "Authorization: $API_KEY" \
          --header 'content-type: multipart/form-data' \
          --form file_name="$APP_FILE_NAME" \
          --form file_app_id="$(echo "$publicLink" | jq -r .file_id)"

You have now successfully uploaded your app to the Appdome platform and are ready to build your application.

Visit the Appdome platform to create your first fusion set, and proceed to build the app.

Appdome python library example

python3 upload.py --app <apk/aab/ipa file>