Downloading the Signed App

This topic explains in detail the process of downloading your built and signed app from Appdome.

This action can only be invoked if you successfully uploaded, built, and signed an app on Appdome.

For the Appdome Python library example refer to the snippet at the bottom.


  • Remember to visit the platform to obtain your API key, as well as team_id if you're working with a team. See Getting started section.

This process consists of a single step:

  • GET request to download the app file.

The process

The scripts use several variables, such as API_KEY, TEAM_ID, FINAL_OUTPUT_LOCATION. Ensure that you update these parameters accordingly.

Provide the task_id of the app, you want to download.

curl -s --request GET \
    --url "$task_id/output?team_id=$TEAM_ID" \
    --header "Authorization: $API_KEY" \
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \

From here, you may test the app or upload it to the app stores.

Appdome python library example

python3 --task_id <task_id_value> --output <output file> --deobfuscation_script_output <deobfuscation_scripts_zip_file> --sign_second_output <second_output_app_file>