Welcome to the Appdome API documentation.

Appdome API is designated to provide another option to interact with the Appdome platform and to perform tasks that are also available via the UI, thus enabling our clients to integrate the Appdome build-context-sign process in their CI/CD process.

There are multiple ways to interact with our API, write your own scripts that will perform HTTP calls to our API, or, the way that we recommend and that is most used by our customers which is the Appdome provided python library.

This documentation provides details about the available actions, along with examples and explanations of the possible outcomes, errors, and caveats in working with the API.

Prerequisites for using REST API

Using Appdome’s REST API requires the following:

  • Appdome account – IDEAL DEV.
  • Appdome-DEV access
  • Appdome-DEV API access – Verify with Appdome support that your account has this access

Available APIs:

  • Single Tasks (Upload, Build, Add Context, Sign, Download, and Deploy)
  • Get Team Audit Logs and Information
  • Team and User Management API