Private Signing an app to Testing

Available overrides for Private Signing Task:


Key Name in Appdome Value Notes
manual_entitlements_matching Manual Entitlements Matching Boolean


Key Name in Appdome Value Notes
signing_sha1_fingerprint certificate SHA-1 fingerprint String When signing Android apps using Private Signing or Auto-DEV Signing, please add the certificate SHA-1 fingerprint as an override
signing_keystore_use_google_signing Use Google Play App Signing Boolean Send true if you want to use different sha1 fingerprint, when true 'signing_keystore_google_signing_sha1_key' is required.
signing_keystore_google_signing_sha1_key App Signing Certificate Fingerprint String If 'signing_keystore_use_google_signing' is true, attach the string of your sha1 fingerprint.
signing_keystore_google_signing_upgrade Google Play Upgrade Signing Key Boolean Send true if you upgraded your app signing key for new installs.
signing_keystore_google_signing_sha1_key_2nd_cert Upgraded Certificate Fingerprint String Your past key signing certificate fingerprint is required to tamper-proof built applications and allow them to run on legacy and new installs.
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